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“Sustainability” is a universal world and there’s no better way to affirm that than from a universal place.

We have just kicked off our Circular Challenge at ITCILO with AWorld in occasion of the first International Day of Zero Waste that promotes sustainable consumption and production patterns, support the societal shift towards circularity and raise awareness about how zero waste initiatives contribute to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

We are beyond happy to begin this new path at the International Training Center of the International Labour Organization, challenging people from all around the world in a huge competition between 4 different buildings: Americas, Europa, Africa and Outdoor!

People in the campus will interact with NANDO and gain points while recycling! Those who achieve the highest recycling rate over the next 12 months will receive amazing prizes!
The score is updated in real time and participants will see the ranking directly on their smartphones thanks to AWorld app!

We can’t wait to see what will happen over the next months and – since we know ITCILO’s community is so amazing – we have already set some goals!
We want to achieve 60% of Recycling rate within just 4 months and 80% within 6!
We are sure they won’t let us down!

Let the challenge begin!
🚀 Road to 90% within next year!

Here more infos about the Internation Day of Zero Waste promoted by the United Nations