We’re making an impact

Our case studies highlight how NANDO boosts service quality, enhances sustainability, and cuts costs for businesses.

Lavazza Group: +60% increase in waste segregation

Enhanced segregation quality by 60% in six months through a customized educational service on best practices and an inter-floor Circular Challenge to boost rule awareness.

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ISS Italy: 27% achieved in reducing waste management costs

The facility has monitored data regarding bins filling level through NANDO Dashboard, finding values of less than 30% at emptying. Therefore, waste management operations were redesigned with an economic benefit to the company.

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Edison: +92% increase in waste diversion from landfill

Achieved an 82% segregation quality and 92% waste diversion from landfill with NANDO.Eye, supported by a company-wide challenge designed to reduce contamination and enhance employee engagement in Edison Rivoli site.

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City Green Light: Scope 3 CO2 emissions reporting for all sites in Italy

Detailed waste data, tracking quantity per category, segregation quality and object analysis, while assisting employees in correctly sorting 64% of waste. Additionally, the estate calculates Scope 3 CO2 emissions for corporate reporting.

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Milan’s CSR Salon: waste monitoring and community engagement leading to increase recycling rates

Our mission was not only to monitor waste produced, but also conducting an interactive awareness campaign, in which we actively engage 91% of the community in properly sorting all waste produced.

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A2A: 1,000 daily engaged people to improve sustainability practices in offices

In one year, the educational program and the willingness of our people allowed us to make our offices more sustainable. In fact, the improvement of our waste segregation by 60% enabled the achievement of better circularity performances.

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Our specialized team of sustainability experts and TRUE zero-waste advisors is dedicated in supporting your sustainable mission and in ensuring you an expert guidance in every step of the way.

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