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NANDO Sensor is a plug&play solution to constantly monitor waste production with professional reporting while spreading sustainable practices to the community in an engaging way


We want to bring a

waste-free lifestyle into everyone’s daily routine

All the waste metrics for your professional reporting

NANDO reports the quantity and quality of waste, the filling level of your bins, the recycling rate and the merceological analysis of your company through precise data on a dashboard creating a professional report according to the GRI 306 standard.



With NANDO you can get your True Zero Waste and LEED Certification

True Zero Waste Certification

LEED Certification

Any questions?

Find out our FAQ

Do the sensors, once installed, make it harder to remove the bag?

No, the sensors are designed in order to not affect bag changing and bins emptying operations in any way. This is verified and evaluated during the inspection at the locations chosen for waste monitoring.
Your waste handling operations are safe!

Are the sensors battery powered or do they need to be connected to the power grid?

ReLearn designs and manufactures sensors whose operation requires connection to the electrical grid, so an assessment will be made during the inspection on the distance of the bins from the existing light points.

How is the data taken from the sensors transmitted?

NANDO Sensors use their private network to share the data with ReLearn servers, they don't use the customer's Wifi network. NANDO has no access to the customer's network and will not be able to see the customer's data!

What happens if one or more sensors stop working or become damaged?

In case of malfunction of one or more sensors, a diagnostic system sends an alert to the ReLearn technical team, which will resolve the issue remotely or, if necessary, by physically going to the customer's site to replace the damaged sensor. In any case, the customer can report any issues related to the service or product at


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