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ReLearn is an official ISS Facility Services UK supplier: NANDO has been chosen as the official tool to help ISS customers achieve the Zero Waste goal!

NANDO was presented to ISS during the Waste Innovation Showcase at ISS’s London office. It was an incredible opportunity to show how NANDO works to ISS key account managers and release our new NANDO EYE feature: scan the item and NANDO’ll tell you where to throw it!

We would like to thank all the people who made this possible: Neil Glover, Alistair Green, Jordan Lamb and Charlotte Flint.

Thanks to Mediatree, the first company in the UK to believe in ReLearn and who gave us one of their NANDO stations for the event.

If your workplace is managed by ISS and you want to achieve the Zero Waste goal by installing NANDO and involving your community, contact your ISS key account manager or the ReLearn team ( together we will revolutionise the Cleantech Industry!