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On October 10th 2022, ReLearn’s NANDO pilot project started in Zen2030 headquarter.
Over these months we have been collecting data, analysing waste and moving towards more sustainable practices and lifestyles.

After 4 months we can finally show the results:


From October 10th 2022 to January 29th 2023, the recycling rate in Zen2030 headquarter increased by 32.3%, pushing the percentage of waste properly recycled from 60% to 92.3%.


Thanks to NANDO we have avoided the emission of 20.4kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.


The most common error detected in the waste collection was the dirty paper napkin. We learnt that the separate waste collection rules of the municipality of Rome state that dirty paper napkins must be thrown in the organic waste bin.



Last but not least, 42 out of 49 kg of waste produced was properly recycled.

Thanks to Nando, we have managed to improve both the quality of waste management and the awareness of the employees.
We are proud of the results achieved and we are committed to keep our recycling rate above 90%!

Romina Jimenez – Head of Green Procurement

We are happy to have shared this path with Zen2030, moving the first steps towards a zero waste world together, sharing visions and experiences to grow faster”.

Fabrizio Custorella – CFO and Co-founder ReLearn