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Have you ever wondered how to improve your performance in ESG!?

ReLearn CFO and Co-Founder – Fabrizio Custorella – answered this question on ESG360 – Digital360 with Mauro Bellini presenting the innovative solution provided by his startup to improve waste management within organisations!

NANDO is the newest source of data for ESG since it provides accurate information about the amount and the caratheristics of waste!

Helping, tracking and education are the key functions of our product that perfectly respond to (E)nvironmental, (S)ocial, (G)overnance while helping you to improve your skills in waste management“, Fabrizio said.

ReLearn started working within the walls of the Italian offices, but today it is present in three different countries (Italy, UK and Danemark) and in more than 15 cities.
It works everyday to close the waste loop and it is now approaching the industrial sector and helping Mediatree – a Certified B Corporation® – to make their raodshow zero waste.

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