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We are delighted to announce a significant milestone: we welcome Deloitte into our zero-waste mission! 

NANDO, our zero-waste monitoring tool, has landed in Deloitte Consulting’s Milan office. This partnership signifies a significant step towards revolutionizing waste management practices within their corporate environment.

NANDO is much more than just a monitoring tool. It serves as a powerful instrument in achieving many crucial objectives:

👥 Raising Awareness: By implementing NANDO, we aim to educate and raise awareness within the business community about the critical importance of responsible waste management.

🌿 Inspiring Sustainable Practices: Our innovative tool inspires sustainable practices within organizations, encouraging them to adopt eco-friendly habits and reduce their environmental footprint.

♻️ Boosting Recycling Rates: One of our primary goals is to achieve the highest recycling rates in office environments. NANDO plays a pivotal role by helping companies identify opportunities for recycling improvement.

We take immense pride in having Deloitte Consulting join forces with us in our mission to create a more sustainable future. Their commitment to embracing innovative waste management solutions is a testament to their dedication to corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

However, our journey towards a zero-waste future is far from over, and we believe in the power of collaboration. We extend an open invitation to more companies to join our #ZeroWasteMission.

Will your organization be the next to take this inspiring step? 👀

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