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#VoglioUnPianetaCosì 🌍

Did you know that each of us generates about 600kilograms of waste each year and that this number is expected to soar in the coming years?

The new edition of the European Parliament‘s communication campaign #VoglioUnPianetaCosì is back, with the aim of raising awareness of more sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviors and lifestyles. 🌿

And we at ReLearn talked about NANDO: our first zero waste monitoring tool. 💥

How NANDO makes the difference:
Every day, NANDO engages a community of over 12,000 people across 5 different European countries, guiding them towards making informed choices about waste.

Waste is a matter of choice, and with NANDO, we’re working to ensure it’s the right one.
Thanks to European Parliament for making us be part of the solution of a waste-free world.

Watch the video  👇🏻