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⏮ Six months ago we started a brand new competition between three Talent Garden buildings in Milan and Rome: THE CIRCULAR CHALLENGE!

🤖 With NANDO we challenged the communities of Tag Isola, Tag Calabiana and Tag Ostiense in a recycling game aiming to discover who would have become the best in waste sorting!

♻ Over these past months all the buildings improved their recycling rate by +30% showing their commitment in saving the planet , but only one managed to win first place!

🏆 It’s time to officially announce that Talent Garden Calabiana is the best Tag in waste sorting with a 69% recycling rate which means that 69% of waste in the building is properly sorted!

🥈 Congratulations to Tag Calabiana and very very compliments to Tag Ostiense and Tag Isola which took respectively second and third place!
It’s been a long run but you made it!

💥 A special thanks to our partners: DottThis UniqueHumana People to People Italia and HubWater which joined this project by offering beautiful prizes to all the participants and for giving us so many amazing ideas to become more sustainable everyday!

⛹‍♀️ We are ready to bring the circularchallenge in so many other companies’ buildings and can’t wait to see what their communities can do!

🎮 Are you ready to play? For more information let’s get in touch!