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What opportunities for the city of the future? Is it really possible to reach the Zero Waste goal?
We answered these and other questions during the interview with Fabrizio Custorella at the italian podcast “Si può fare” with Laura Bettini, for the national newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore.

The rules for separate waste collection change from neighbourhood to neighbourhood and from city to city, causing confusion for people who often do not know how to recycle correctly. NANDO would solve people’s doubts by spreading awareness about separate waste collection and the world of waste and improving the recycling performance of each city“, said Fabrizio.

Our future will be increasingly more challenging, we must act now to change the current trends. In our idea of city of the future NANDO “will map waste production all over Italy and all over Europe to see if there are companies that do not comply with the recycling rules and make ad hoc sanctions and regulations aimed at achieving the Zero Waste Goal.

The Zero Waste goal is only possible if there is a community effort. To achieve this goal we start with an educational and monitoring process in order to have tangible data. Having the data makes it possible to take targeted action.