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NANDO is the new partner of TRUE Certification for Zero Waste! 🚀

🤔 What is TRUE Certification for Zero Waste?
TRUE Zero Waste certification aims to reduce the impact of waste and drive the transition towards a circular economy ♻️

Specifically, it allows you to:
1️⃣ Save money by reducing waste;
2️⃣ Support sustainability (people, planet, profit);
3️⃣ Reduce the use of new resources.

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Now, we can help companies to get the True Zero Waste Certification.

With NANDO, our official waste monitoring tool chosen by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) 💪🏻

👀 How can your buildings reach the ZeroWaste goal and increase recycling rates without data?
Monitor every space, building and location with Nando, the first #ZeroWaste monitoring tool. 🚀

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