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NANDO has landed in Deloitte Ireland!

We are very proud to announce that Deloitte Dublin is the first company in Ireland to join our Zero-Waste mission.
NANDO has been installed in Deloitte‘s Dublin Headquarter, where it aims to transform the company’s waste sorting procedures.

This innovative solution will enable Deloitte to track and manage its waste production in order to reduce environmental impact.
Moreover, NANDO serves as our platform for promoting sustainability within the corporate world by advocating for eco-friendly practices.

Our goal is to inspire the business community to embrace sustainable methods and achieve the highest possible recycling rates within the office environment.

We want to thank Caitlin Flanagan, Eimear Kelly and Ayesha Shujahi for believing in NANDO and in his Zero-Waste super powers.

πŸ‘€ Deloitte is with us, and you?

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