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Let’s see together what happened in 2022…

2 countries (Italy) (UK)
7 cities
150 NANDO installed
13 companies involved
6000 users engaged
+ 1200 daily monitor interactions
+ 604 kg of waste properly sorted
-115 kg of CO2eq saved thanks to a proper waste sorting
+58% improvement in recycling rate

These are the figures ReLearn registered in just 8 months in 2022.

Starting from scratch we have built up a revolutionary and unstoppable community.
We made it all the way to London; we reduced CO2 emissions by 115 kg and improved the recycling rate of our clients by 58%!

All this was only possible thanks to those who gave us trust, those who decided to grow and change with us, those who realised that it was no longer time to stand by and watch! You can see all the visionaries that every day work with us for a #ZeroWaste world in our website:

Our team has expanded: we have combined experiences, dreams and projects from different worlds for one common purpose: saving our Planet.

During the most wonderful time of the year we want to say THANK YOU to:

Those who have been there,
Those who are there,
Those who will be there,
To you who are reading this, for giving us your trust and for accompanying us on this extraordinary journey.

With the premise that this is only the beginning of the change we wish to see in the world and with the hope that we will still find ourselves on the same side: defending the Planet!

Merry Christmas from our ReLearn family!