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We couldn’t be prouder of the big achievement we are sharing with you all today!

Our CFO Fabrizio Custorella is officially among the top 100 Forbes innovators under 30 for 2023!

Our ReLearn family is beyond happy to share this big emotion with Fabrizio.
When one wins everyone wins!💚

Fabrizio says: “I do not know whether the other people who ended up on this list achieved success on their own.

If they did, I am certainly not one of them. 
If my name is in Forbes Italia today, it is only thanks to the ReLearn #team .
This is not a thank you, but a sharing: when you read my name, think of the five crazy people in the next picture, and there are many more!
Yes, we are among the top 100 innovators #forbesunder30 !
Thank you to everyone who has worked at ReLearn in the past and those who struggle with us every day to do something great.

Together we will revolutionise the #cleantech industry! 👨‍🚀 🚀”