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Welcome to the Circular Challenge: your company’s sustainability challenge!

The Circular Challenge is not just a competition: it’s an opportunity for employees across any companies to significantly reduce their environmental footprint and improve their recycling practices.
Challenge your colleagues in a battle of waste reduction and show off your recycling skills!

How It Works:
1️⃣ Sign Up: Register for the challenge and choose your team!
2️⃣ Four Weeks, Four Levels: Accuracy in sorting your waste is crucial. The more sorting mistakes you make, the fewer points you get
3️⃣ Win Sustainable Prizes: The team that shows the highest score in waste management will win amazing sustainable prizes.

The Circular Challenge is an excellent way for companies to engage their communities in some healthy competition and in promoting sustainable practices on waste management.
Participation also offers a chance to discover innovative sustainability initiatives and solutions, fostering awareness and action towards a circular economy among our communities!

Join the the Circular Challenge and take the step to become a real Circular Hero! 💪🏻💚