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Antonio Covato (COO) is the team leader. He manages the startup, plans activities, identifies strategic partnerships.

Antonio Covato COO

Mechanical Engineer

Chiara (CMO) is in charge of marketing, with a focus on communication.

Chiara D’Adamo CMO

Energy Engineer

Riccardo Leonardi (CEO) is in charge of linking the business and the product area. 

Riccardo Leonardi CEO

Mechanical Engineer

Federico Fedi (CIO), is in charge of the development of NANDO's vision, recognition and IoT services.

Federico Fedi CIO

Computer Engineer

Fabrizio Custorella (CFO) deal with marketing, with a focus on the financial side.

Fabrizio Custorella CFO

Mechanical Engineer

Anna Bosia, former manager at GAIA S.p.a. her knowledge in the world of waste management is fundamental

Anna Bosia Advisor

ex Manager at GAIA S.p.a

Simone (Chief Electrical Engineer) is in charge of NANDO's electronics.

Simone Cavariani CEE

Mechanical Engineer

Giovanni (CTO) is responsible for the design and development of NANDO's HW.

Giovanni Lucifora CTO

Mechanical Engineer

Egidio (CPO) is in charge of NANDO's HW development

Egidio Canzoniere CPO

Mechanical Engineer

Alessandro Mirigaldi is in charge of NANDO's sensor development

Alessandro Mirigaldi 

Phisycs Engineer

Alessandro Del'Atti deals with CAD design to support the development of NANDO.

Alessandro Dell’Atti

Mechanical Engineer