NANDO was named after King FerdiNANDO II of Bourbon who issued the first ordinance in history to regulate separate waste collection in 1832.

NANDO represents the first step toward achieving an even more ambitious goal: revolutionizing the waste sorting system.



Did you know that you can contribute to the green revolution starting from your office?

You just need a bin and you’re done!

The smart sensor NANDO is so handy that can be installed on your existing bins!

However if you are tired of your bins you can choose among hundreds of smart bins with a modern design to renew your office!


Did you know that waste is the fourth source of pollution?

Precise data is the only solution to solve environmental issues!

NANDO provides you a professional reporting on your daily waste production considering both quantity and quality of any kind of waste.

This is really useful to draft the best sustainability reports!


The change has to start from our everyday life, but think about the impact we can all have together?

NANDO spreads sustainable practices to achieve the best recycling rate in your office.

That’s why it uses gamification to communicate with the community in the most engaging way.

Using technology to help people make the right choice*




We believe in a waste-free future where everyone is conscious about their choices.

We know it can be difficult, but NANDO is here for you!



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GRI reporting system

Professional reporting in line with International and European standards

Transparent communication

Drafting sustainability reports with accurate data is a breeze!

Waste-free offices

Together we can decrease waste production for a greener future

Community involvement

Spreading sustainable practices can help people change their everyday life

Carbon insetting

Preventing the production of CO2 emission starting from your office

Anticipate changes

Ready to face constant changes that will flood the market in the coming years

Any questions?

Find out our FAQ

Do I need to change my bins?

Not really. NANDO is a plug&play sensor that can be installed on your existing bins! However, if your bins are outdated and not set up to facilitate recycling collection or if you want to revamp the design of your office, you can choose from the different models ReLearn can provide.

Do the sensors, once installed, make it harder to remove the bag?

No, the sensors are designed in order to not affect bag changing and bins emptying operations in any way. This is verified and evaluated during the inspection at the locations chosen for waste monitoring.
Your waste handling operations are safe!

Are the sensors battery powered or do they need to be connected to the power grid?

ReLearn designs and manufactures sensors whose operation requires connection to the electrical grid, so an assessment will be made during the inspection on the distance of the bins from the existing light points.

How is the data taken from the sensors transmitted?

The sensors are connected to the Wi-Fi network of the place at which they are installed, chosen by mutual agreement with the customer. The waste data is transmitted to a virtual private network that only ReLearn can access.
ReLearn cannot have access to and will not be able to pass on any type of data about your company and your customers!

What happens if one or more sensors stop working or become damaged?

In case of malfunction of one or more sensors, a diagnostic system sends an alert to the ReLearn technical team, which will resolve the issue remotely or, if necessary, by physically going to the customer's site to replace the damaged sensor. In any case, the customer can report any issues related to the service or product at


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