What is Nando

Nando is a smart bin that is able to automatically classify and sort the waste that is placed inside it at the same time. It can do this thanks to the technology it uses: an image recognition software based on an
automated learning system allows Nando to photograph the waste and classify it, while a gripper and a mechanical device allow its automatic
separation. Nando recognises and sorts plastic, paper, glass and aluminium (which represent the most common urban waste), with high precision.

Our Mission

The mission that Re Learn pursues is to increase waste separation in all those places where separate waste collection is difficult to achieve due to
logistical and management difficulties.
Thanks to our smart bin, we are able to achieve this goal. Moreover, we want to become a connection with all those realities that deal with the valorisation of waste by transforming it into a resource, in accordance with the rules of the Circular Economy.