The Re Learn team was born from the desire of a group of friends and former students of the Polytechnic of Turin to use the skills acquired during their university and working years to contribute in the forefront to a greener and more sustainable world.

In 2019, while chatting over drinks on a late-summer evening, we noticed that the plastic cups used for happy hour drinks were constantly being disposed of in the unsorted waste bin. We instinctively wondered if we could do something about it. So we came up with the idea of NANDO, a rivoluzionary device able to measure the waste delivery into bins, analyse data accurately, and educate people for a more efficient waste collection.

To achieve such an ambitious mission we were inspired by an equally important figure: NANDO is named after King Ferdinando II of Bourbon who, in 1832, issued the first ordinance in history to regulate the separation of waste collection. Nando is the first step towards an even more ambitious goal: revolutionising the waste sorting system by creating a new circular supply chain.

From now on it gets serious

In January 2021, we were delighted to sign the act of incorporation and become a fully-fledged innovative startup.

Our approach to work

Our work is based on flexibility, resourcefulness and team work. The whole project has been developed from the beginning with an "Agile" methodology, unpacking and splitting all the tasks in order to cover the three main areas of Hardware, Software and Business Administration. We follow the progress of the project at 360°, continuously correcting its progress when we find any criticality.

Re Learn's main objective is the development and commercialisation of NANDO, an innovative service that uses AI to help people make the right choice while also protecting the environment. The focus of our startup was chosen also considering the engineering skills of our team.


  • Improving waste management with technolog
  • Simplifying waste sorting by making it automatic, accessible and fast
  • Innovating using artificial intelligence to make cities more sustainable and people more conscious
  • Reducing CO2 emissions and operating costs due to unethical disposal


Create a new circular supply chain that sets an example for everyone in the world, where waste is a resource and sustainable cities are the rule.

Our team

Most of the founding members, those who first started working on this idea, have a background in automotive engineering. Therefore, in Re Learn, there is a strong component of specific know-how in the development, industrialisation and production of new products with a strong innovative content and a focus on cost and time management in a context of global competition..

Riccardo Leonardi

Riccardo Leonardi


A mechanical engineer at the helm of the Re Learn team who has nurtured the dream of being an entrepreneur in the field of sustainability since childhood.

Antonio Covato

Antonio Covato


Business Developer con la passione per l’innovazione e la sostenibilità

Giovanni Lucifora

Giovanni Lucifora


Ingegnere meccanico responsabile dello sviluppo e della produzione del prodotto e coordina il team tecnico

Fabrizio Custorella

Fabrizio Custorella


Responsabile della pianificazione finanziaria strategica e della gestione aziendale utilizzando metodologie Agile

Egidio Canzoniere

Egidio Canzoniere


Product developer in charge of HW product design.
Federico Fedi

Federico Fedi


Computer engineer che applica le sue conoscenze di machine learning e computer vision per costruire un mondo migliore

Simone Cavariani

Simone Cavariani

Head of Electronics

Ingegnere con la passione per l’integrazione, fa combaciare hardware e software per migliorare la gestione dei rifiuti