Don’t change the gesture, change the culture

Artificial intelligence for waste management

NANDO is the smart solution for waste management and optimisation from Re Learn.


The smart device that monitors, educates and encourages good behaviour while collecting data.

Why is waste management so crucial?

We are literally wasting the opportunity to save our planet

We don't have a Planet B, but we can think of a Plan B. Waste is the fourth largest cause of man-made air pollutants. Only 9% of the plastic we use is properly recycled. We breathe or eat all the rest.


Plastic properly recycled

A plastic bottle takes 450 years to degrade, even if it turns into microplastics. 450 years ago was 1571 (but luckily there was no plastic yet). It seems impossible, but Queen Elizabeth II was not even been born yet.

Waste is not only plastic

Every second nearly 60 tons of waste are produced on our planet. And in just 1 second you can make a difference.

Source: Eurostat, greenhouse gas emissions from waste

NANDO: measure, reduce and compensate your waste

NANDO uses the images recorded through sensors to measure, reduce and compensate for the amount of waste produced primarily in co-working spaces, offices, facility management companies, transportation stations.

Today, it costs more to produce any object using recycled material than to produce a new one. This extra cost, of course, pours into the pockets of the consumer.

The reason for this is the lack of or inadequate waste sorting and recycling processes, which are carried out using inefficient processes that increase costs both in economic and environmental terms, from the point of view of carbon dioxide emissions.